In summer 2012, I visited France – as usual, to attend a computer science conference (at CNAM in Paris) and also to make a friendly visit to a research group in Brest. Even though it was fairly late summer, the weather was splendid and I managed to grab a few pretty photos in Paris. One is the façade of “Les Invalides” (even though I did – unusually for me – fairly heavy processing on it):

Another obligatory shot would be the Louvre from across Seine:

Of course, being in Paris, I went to look for the place from which Edourad’s Boubat “Le Pont-Neuf” from 1950 was taken… I didn’t do any actual research on it, but in all likelyhood, I found the right spot: and the photo is mirror-flipped. Sadly, I didn’t manage to get any good shots myself. I guess re-creating famous photos isn’t my thing anyway…

– 3.9.2012