Fragile things

in life, when it cries,
when it shouts, it’s all lies,
in your face; when you
asphyxiate. It is true,
the embrace of pain
will (hardly) make you sane;
will you keep it in?
Drown your evil. Evil twin?
Smother it with tears,
cry and cry through hidden fears?
Soak the shoulder of a friend;
and stand up to fend
off the tightness of throat.
And later, sink the boat.
Be a friend and be a foe,
be a joy and be a woe;
be my [,] friend.
Drink and chatter then shatter and mend,
shed the shackles but [that] bind your wrists,
fight with resolve. Strike with fists.
Be my guest,
put your ease – at rest?

– 28.6.2013 for A. (but I am very confused about it; edited 25.11.2014)