A Summer Dream

The night is young
when first snowflakes melt;
in your scarlet curls.
As we danced the dance, I felt

a shiver down your spine,
slight pressure of your hand;
a brush of lips on lips.
But while we stand

world is changing; summer
shines in shades of green.
Together we hope and dream
but neither has yet been

in the embrace of the other.
The night was but a dream,
soft and lucid… and unreal.
Yet now it may seem

that a touch is within reach;
a droplet of molten snow,
caught in your radiant summer hair.
I wish we could grow

through springs and falls,
together and apart,
and together again.
We can play our part,

in a chamber piece of life;
paint a path winding through
dissonances & resolutions.
It could take more than two.

– 25.11.2014